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Rogers Media Television Specialty Rundown Monday, October 18 – Sunday, October 24



Rogers Media Television Specialty Rundown

Monday, October 18 – Sunday, October 24


les Stroud goes through the long and painful process of scarification when he travels to zuzuland on beyond survival. (OLN)






(TorontoOctober 14, 2010) Tune in to OLN, G4 and The Biography Channel for the thrills, laughter and awesome entertainment putting the special in specialties. See below for the rundown of NEW episodes airing this week.




Mantracker: Monday, October 18 at 6pm ET (3pm PT, 4pm MT)

Bowmanville, Ontario native and martial arts teacher Angie and her student/best friend Nolan plan to out smart Mantracker in the Elliot Lake bush. Angie is used to kicking butt in the classroom but will her training be enough to lead her and Nolan to victory? 


Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura: Friday, October 22 at 10pm ET (7pm PT, 8pm MT)

It's believed that the world is heading for disaster in 2012 and the government is preparing to save and protect the elite - while leaving the rest of the world to fend for themselves. Jesse Ventura investigates claims of top secret underground bunkers being built in places ranging from the Nevada desert to the White House.


Beyond Survival: Sunday, October 24 at 8pm ET (5pm PT, 6pm MT)

Stroud travels to Zululand to meet with a Sangoma – a female African Shaman – to experience the rite of passage known as scarification. Scarification is a long and painful process, and a permanent modification of the body, transmitting complex messages about identity and social status. Then, Stroud will learn the Zulu’s methods of traditional hunting, as well as the deadly sport of stick fighting.


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Check It Out: Monday, October 18 at 9pm ET (6pm PT, 7pm MT)
Dr. Steve Brule explores healthy relationships. He interviews his good friends Jan and Wayne Skylar about how they keep a long and lasting marriage. Following the interview a special news report on yesterday’s news.


Childrens Hospital: Wednesday, October 20 at 9pm ET (6pm PT, 7pm MT)

Halloween descends on the hospital, which causes Owen to be particularly horny for the ghost of Lola. Everyone is sure Lola is still a ghost haunting the hospital, even though she’s still alive and just faked her own death. Flame helps Owen flatline so he can sleep with the ghost of Lola but instead sends him back in time to a WWII era hospital. Chief's visit to the maternity ward results in more than she bargained for, when a ton of sexy girls in costumes arrive.


Delocated: Wednesday, October 20 at 915pm ET (615pm PT, 715pm MT)

It’s a brand new season and Jon Glasser and his family are still in the Witness Protection Program, starring in a reality TV show while wearing balaclavas to hide their identity. In the first episode Jon gets decoys while the Russian mob tries to kill everybody he loves around him.


Aquateen Hunger Force: Thursday, October 21 at 915 & 930pm ET (6:15 & 6:30pm PT, 7:15 & 7:30pm MT)
After Master Shake kills a bunch of people, a vengeful angel makes Master Shake pay for his misdeeds, Master Shake looks to the forces of darkness for help.Then, Meatwad finds a new video game under his pillow called Moon Master, which is a deceptively easy game the Mooninites placed to recruit people to fight a character called the "Gorgotron". The Mooninites convince Meatwad to go along with a pyramid scheme which involves selling poor-quality Moon Master merchandise.


Mary Shelly’s Frankenhole: Thursday, October 21 at 9pm ET (6pm PT, 7pm MT)

President Lyndon Baines Johnson asks Frankenstein to put his brain into the handsome head of John F. Kennedy.


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The Biography Channel


Celebrity Ghost Stories: Monday, October 18 at 10pm ET (7pm PT, 8pm MT)

A spirit makes Justine Bateman’s (Family Ties) life a lot merrier; Jay Thomas (Mork and Mindy) mistakenly uses stones taken from a tombstone for a home renovation and pays a price; Traci Lords (Zach and Miri Make a Porno) has a life-saving run-in with a miner’s ghost; and James Kyson Lee (Heroes) opens the door to a hellish nightmare when he reads an underground ghost magazine.


My Ghost Story: Tuesday, October 19 at 10pm ET (7pm PT, 8pm MT)

A scientist discovers footage on his security camera that even he can't explain; a sailing ship from the 1800's is home to a ghostly crew; 19th-century slaves who tried to escape on the underground railroad still use a country house as a hiding place; the spirit of a jilted bride haunts the hotel where she plunged to her death; and a shopkeeper is terrified by the entities in his basement, which was once a morgue in the Wild West.


Billy the Exterminator: Wednesday, October 20 at 10 & 10:30pm ET (7 & 7:30pm PT, 8 & 8:30pm MT)

Billy is called to a horse farm where a potentially rabid skunk has been seen on the prowl, but when he catches it, Billy gets a bit more than he bargained for. Later, Billy takes on what he thinks is a simple mice job and winds up getting bitten by a snake! Meanwhile, tensions escalate between Mary, Billy and the family, until a major argument threatens to alter the entire future of the Vexcon family.


Steven Seagal Lawman: Thursday, October 21at 10 & 1030pm ET (7 & 7:30pm PT, 8 & 8:30pm MT)

The night starts off badly as Deputy Chief Steven Seagal and his team rush to the scene of a man killed in a drive-by. Minutes later, they race to another shooting: a man found dead in his car. Two homicides in less than an hour puts the unit on high alert. When they catch four young men out late, Steven has some stern words, but he gets real mean the next night when he finds two of them carrying drugs. Steven returns back to Hollywood to make his next movie.



Shatner’s Raw Nerve: Sunday, October 24 at 9 & 9:30pm ET (6 & 6:30pm PT, 7 & 7:30pm MT)

Host William Shatner and Gene Simmons sit down for a one-on-one conversation. Shatner talks to Simmons about being born in Israel, moving to America and his father leaving at an early age. Simmons tells Shatner about his musical influences, the origins of KISS and being happily unmarried. Then, Shatner has an intimate conversation with the controversial publisher Larry Flynt. Shatner talks to Flynt about growing up poor in Kentucky and how Hustler magazine came to be. Flynt discusses his brief conversion to Christianity, his true love for his wife Althea and how her death affected him.


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The Biography Channel is a specialty television station in Canada that showcases real people, real drama, 24-hours a day.  Distinct programming blocks (Our Stories, Famous Faces, The A-List and Celebreality) offer an entertaining mix of biographies, reality series, documentaries and films; giving viewers behind-the-scenes and up close and personal access to today’s hottest celebrities, movers and shakers and pop culture icons.  Available to digital cable and satellite customers, The Biography Channel in Canada is owned by Rogers Broadcasting Limited, a division of Rogers Communications Inc. (TSX: RCI and NYSE: RCI) which is a diversified Canadian communications and media company. For more information visit


G4 (formerly G4TechTV) is a digital television station in Canada that connects young adults to the latest in entertainment, gaming, pop culture and technology.  It's the ultimate destination for animated and live action comedy series as well as access to behind-the-scenes previews and reviews of leading edge events and trends.  Owned by Rogers Broadcasting Limited, a division of Rogers Communications Inc. (TSX: RCI and NYSE: RCI) which is a diversified Canadian communications and media company, G4 is available by subscription on digital cable and satellite.  For more information about G4 visit


OLN is a specialty television station in Canada offering viewers a one-stop destination for adrenaline pumping action and adventure entertainment.  From original Canadian hit reality, adventure, and travel series (Mantracker and Survivorman) to hit US acquired programming (Ghost Hunters and MonsterQuest). OLN takes viewers on intense, rugged journeys across Canada and around the world.  OLN is a part of Rogers Broadcasting Limited, a division of Rogers Communications Inc. (TSX: RCI and NYSE: RCI) which is a diversified Canadian communications and media company. For more information visit


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