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- Happy Endings’ Elisha Cuthbert plays a the elusive ‘girl next door’ with a dirty little secret
on FX Canada Movie: The Girl Next Door -
Disaster strikes in shark-infested waters on a new episode of Descending on OLN -
- The exuberant career and personal life of movie star Leonardo DiCaprio are explored on The Biography Channel -
(TORONTO – March 23, 2012) Next week, FX Canada continues its premium programming lineup with new episodes of Lights Out, Sons of Anarchy, and Louie. On OLN, the adrenaline gets pumping with new episodes of Bear Swamp Recovery, Saw Dogs, Python Hunters and Descending. Plus, a new episode of I Survived relives the dramatic stories of a man swimming through shark infested waters and a crazed gunman attacking innocent citizens on The Biography Channel.
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Below is a chronological listing of detailed highlights for March 26 – April 25. All programming is subject to change.
FX Canada

Lights Out: Monday, Mar. 26 at 10pm ET (7pm PT)
Lights (Holt McCallany) prepares for his first fight in five years, while dealing with the heartbreak of being away from his family.
FX Canada Movie: The Girl Next Door: Monday, Mar. 26 at 11pm ET (8pm PT)
A young man (Emile Hirsh, Milk) is smitten with the beautiful girl who moves in next door, and then discovers she is an ex-porn star (Elisha Cuthbert, Happy Endings).
Sons of Anarchy: Tuesday, Mar. 27 at 10pm ET (7pm PT)
The League’s actions begin to bear fruit as SAMCRO starts to unravel; old friends and enemies return with mixed results; Jax (Charlie Hunnam) unwittingly enters rival territory; and Clay (Ron Perlman) tries to recover valuable merchandise.

FX Canada Movie: Sleeping With the Enemy: Tuesday, Mar. 27 at 11pm ET (8pm PT)
A woman (Julia Roberts, Mirror Mirror) is forced to change her looks and her identity, all to escape the most dangerous man she's ever known...her husband (Patrick Bergin, Ella Enchanted).

FX Canada Movie: Broken Lizard’s Club Dread: Wednesday, Mar. 28 at 11pm ET (8pm PT)
A group of sex-crazed staffers at a vacation resort on a tropical island are stalked by a machete-wielding killer...welcome to comedy group Broken Lizard’s Club Dread! Starring Jay Chandrasekhar (Friends with Benefits), Bill Paxton (Titanic) and Kevin Heffernan (Super Troopers).
Louie: Thursday, Mar. 29 at 10pm ET (7pm PT)
“Come on, God”
Louie explores the morality of one of his lifelong habits.
Unsupervised: Thursday, Mar. 29 at 10:30pm ET (7:30pm PT) **Encore Presentation**
Gary (Justin Long) and Joel (David Hornsby) realize they're looked at as kids, so they try to change their image to hook up with girls.
FX Canada Movie: Kiss of the Dragon: Thursday, Mar. 29 at 11pm ET (8pm PT)
A Chinese government agent (Jet Li, Romeo Must Die) arrives in Paris to carry out a sensitive, top-secret mission, but things go horribly wrong when the man he had come to help betrays him.
Bear Swamp Recovery:Monday, Mar. 26 at 9:30pm ET (6:30pm PT)
Biker Game Brawl
The crew engages in a full-scale brawl with a biker gang determined to hold on to their hogs. Later, the crew has a tilt with the owner of some arcade games.

Saw DogsA popular hangout in a top ski resort commissions a sensuous sculpture for their annual over-the-top party. The guest carver for the project is Chris Foltz, who is not only an award-winning wood carver, but also an acclaimed ice carver and executive chef. Meanwhile, Steve has embarked a very different project: two nuns from a nearby monastery have asked for a religious themed carving for a new church they are building. The carvers must balance the sacred and the secular, as they deal with tight budgets and short timelines.: Tuesday, Mar. 27 at 9pm ET (6pm PT)
Python Hunters: Saturday, Mar. 31 at 9pm ET (6pm PT)
The hunters are in Guam, a Pacific island reportedly overrun with invasive species, where they’re determined to help preserve a fragile environment. Biologist James Stanford coordinates the removal of brown tree snakes on the island, and it doesn't take long before browns appear to be dropping out of the trees.The guys visit a bird sanctuary that’s working to keep the Guam rail from going extinct.
Descending: Sunday, April 1 at 9pm ET (6pm PT)
“The Big Six”
Scott and Ellis visit South Africa to face their fears and brave some of the most notorious shark-filled waters in the world. Disaster strikes on what should have been an easy shipwreck dive.
The Biography Channel
Leonardo DiCaprio Biography: Sunday, April 1 at 10pm ET (7pm PT)
Leonardo DiCaprio was already an experienced film and TV actor when he was cast in This Boy's Life and was only 18 years old, but more than held his own with screen powerhouses Robert DeNiro and Ellen Barkin. In 1997, when he played the lead role in the box office behemoth of all-time, Titanic, he ascended to the top of the A list, a status he continues to enjoy with lead roles in such high profile projects as Gangs of New York, The Aviator, and The Departed.
I Survived: Sunday, April 1 at 10pm ET (7pm PT)
An ordinary Friday at the Seattle headquarters of the Jewish Federation turns nightmarish when a crazed gunman demands an end to the war in Iraq and shoots four workers; a criminal justice teacher is shot multiple times and poisoned twice by an unknown assailant; and young woman swims through shark-infested waters in a desperate bid for survival.
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FX Canada is a digital specialty channel that delivers critically-acclaimed dramas and hit comedies, including FX original series American Horror Story, Wilfred, The League, Lights Out, Terriers and Sons of Anarchy. Delivering compelling entertainment to Canadians, FX Canada’s unique content also features movies and original Canadian programming. FX Canada is a part of Rogers Broadcasting Limited, a division of Rogers Communications Inc. (TSX: RCI and NYSE: RCI) which is a diversified Canadian communications and media company.
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The Biography Channel is a specialty television station in Canada that showcases real people, real drama, 24-hours a day. Offering an entertaining mix of biographies, reality series, documentaries and films; giving viewers behind-the-scenes and up close and personal access to today’s hottest celebrities, movers and shakers and pop culture icons. Available to digital cable and satellite customers, The Biography Channel in Canada is owned by Rogers Broadcasting Limited, a division of Rogers Communications Inc. (TSX: RCI and NYSE: RCI) which is a diversified Canadian communications and media company. For more information visit
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