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- The semifinals continue to heat up on Canada’s Got Talent as performers from across the country strive to secure a coveted spot in the finals -
- The plot thickens as Revenge returns to Wednesday nights with all-new,
drama-infused episodes -
- Alicia Silverstone swings by the ‘burbs, guest starring as George’s new love interest on
Suburgatory -
Below is a chronological listing of detailed highlights for April 16 –22. All programming is subject to change. Please kindly note specific changes to network airings for The Biggest Loser.

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Monday, April 16:

How I Met Your Mother:8pm ET/PT(s/CBS), 8pm MT/CT
“Now We’re Even”
Just as Ted (Josh Radnor) starts to settle into his new apartment, Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) tries to entice him into going out every single night. Meanwhile, Lily (Alyson Hannigan) has a naughty dream about someone other than Marshall (Jason Segel), and Robin (Cobie Smulders) finally becomes a famous news anchor.
2 Broke Girls: 8:30pm ET/PT, 9:30pm CT(s/CBS), 9:30pm MT
“And the Messy Purse Smackdown”
Caroline (Beth Behrs) promises Earl (Garrett Morris) that she will drop his tax return in the mail, but when she learns that Max (Kat Dennings) has never filed her taxes, she gets sidetracked trying to help her.
Canada’s Got Talent: 9pm ET/PT/MT/CT ***LIVE***
***Citytv Original Presentation***
“Semifinal Week Three – Results Show”
In the weekly results show, host Dina Pugliese reveals the next two acts advancing to the final round.
Rules of Engagement: 9:30pm ET/PT, 8:30pm CT/MT
“A Big Bust”
Audrey (Megyn Price) thinks her maid needs money to fix her limp and asks some neighbours to contribute. Later, she learns that she totally misunderstood why the maid wants the money.
“Frank the Plank”
A manhunt goes out for Frank (William H. Macy) after he heads off on a Friday bender and uncharacteristically fails to show up to cash his disability cheque. Later, he turns up in Toronto with no memory of how he got there.
Tuesday, April 17:
Last Man Standing (s/ABC): 8pm ET/PT, 7pm CT, 9pm MT
“This Bud’s For You”
When Mike's dad, Bud (guest star Robert Forster, Alcatraz), moves to town to be the builder on the new Outdoor Man store, Vanessa (Nancy Travis) is concerned that some of Bud's well-intentioned ways might elevate Mike's (Tim Allen) already high blood pressure.
The Biggest Loser (s/NBC): 8pm ET on OMNI.1; 7pm MT/PT, 10pm CT on Citytv
This week, a surprising turn of events shakes things up as the contestants compete in a short version of a “Tough Mudder” competition. The player with the highest percentage of weight loss at the weigh-in will win a Ford Escape SUV. Later, the players stroll down memory lane watching video journeys of how far they’ve come before an emotional weigh-in.
Cougar Town (s/ABC): 8:30pm ET/PT, 7:30pm CT, 9:30pm MT
“Ways to be Wicked”
No one believes Ellie (Christa Miller) when she tries to convince them that her seemingly lovely mom, Betsy (guest star Susan Blakely, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2), is actually a sociopath. Later, Grayson (Josh Hopkins) decides to help Laurie (Busy Philipps) with her dream of opening a cake business – but her reaction isn’t what he expected.
New Girl (s/FOX): 9pm ET/PT, 8pm CT, 10pm MT
When Russell (guest star Dermot Mulroney, My Best Friend’s Wedding) asks Jess (Zooey Deschanel) to babysit his daughter Sarah (guest star Annalise Basso, Bedtime Stories), she happily obliges in hopes of showing off her mothering skills. But soon, Jess has to contend with
Russell’s ex-wife, Ouli (guest star Jeanne Tripplehorn, Big Love), and Sarah’s earful on pre-teen angst and questions about sex.
Raising Hope (s/FOX): 9:30pm ET/PT, 8:30pm CT, 10:30pm MT
***Season Finale***
“I Want my Baby Back, Baby Back, Baby Back”
Following the revelations of the “Inside Probe” exposé of their family history, the Chances are put on trial in a fight to retain custody of Hope.
Private Practice (s/ABC):10pm ET/PT, 8pm MT, 9pm CT
“It Was Inevitable”
As Erica's (A.J. Langer) condition worsens, Cooper (Paul Adelstein) and Charlotte (Kadee Strickland) prepare Mason (Griffin Gluck) for the worst. Meanwhile, Sheldon (Brian Benben) and Jake (Benjamin Bratt) treat a pregnant woman who was jailed for killing her other two children.
Wednesday, April 18:
The Middle (s/ABC): 8pm ET/PT, 7pm CT, 9pm MT
***Encore Presentation***
“Valentine’s Day III”
A skipped romantic gesture leaves Mike (Neil Flynn) on Frankie's (Patricia Heaton) bad side on Valentine's Day. Elsewhere, Sue (Eden Sher) is puzzled by her boyfriend's (Moises Arias) sudden lack of skill when kissing.
Suburgatory(s/ABC): 8:30pm ET/PT, 7:30pm CT, 9:30pm MT
“Entering Eden”
When George (Jeremy Sisto) meets Eden (guest star Alicia Silverstone, Clueless) at the Chatswin Farmer's Market, there is an immediate attraction. Meanwhile, Dallas’ (Cheryl Hines) dog Yakult goes missing and it's up to Tessa (Jane Levy) and Dalia (Carly Chaikin) to find her.
Modern Family (s/ABC): 9pm ET/PT, 8pm CT, 10pm MT
“The Last Walt”
Claire (Julie Bowen) delicately helps Luke (Nolan Gould) cope with the fact that his friend and their old neighbour, Walt (Philip Baker Hall, 50/50), has passed away. Meanwhile, Phil (Ty Burrell) takes Alex (Ariel Winter) for some father-daughter bonding time; and Cam's (Eric Stonestreet) father, Merle (guest star Barry Corbin, One Tree Hill), is in town visiting – causing awkwardness and tension during dinner.
Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23(s/ABC):9:30pm ET/PT, 8:30pm CT, 10:30pm MT
“Daddy’s Girl”
Dating is awkward enough, but when Chloe (Krysten Ritter) is in the mix, it’s much worse, which June (Dreama Walker) learns the hard way when she begrudgingly allows Chloe to set her up. Meanwhile, James (James Van Der Beek) decides to teach an acting class but can't seem to escape his Dawson persona.
Revenge (s/ABC):10pm ET/PT, 8pm MT, 9pm CT
Daniel’s (Josh Bowman) imprisonment sends Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) to depths that no one thought possible, as the surprise return of a past love, Dominik Wright (guest star James Purefoy, John Carter), provides a destructive but welcome distraction from her family’s struggles. Meanwhile, Jack’s (Nick Wechsler) search for Amanda (Margarita Levieva) grows more desperate as he comes under suspicion for murder.
Thursday, April 19:
Community (s/NBC): 8pm ET/PT, 7pm CT, 9pm MT
“Virtual Systems Analysis”
When the final biology exam is postponed, Jeff (Joel McHale) encourages everyone to join him for a three-hour lunch, but Annie (Alison Brie) convinces Abed (Danny Pudi) to let her spend some time with him in the dreamatorium instead.
30 Rock(s/NBC): 8:30pm ET/PT, 7:30pm CT, 9:30pm MT
“Murphy Brown Lied to Us”
Jack (Alec Baldwin) sets Liz (Tina Fey) up on a blind date to show her what she’s missing in her relationship with Criss (guest star James Marsden, X-Men). Meanwhile, Tracy (Tracy Morgan) helps Jenna (Jane Krakowski) orchestrate a public meltdown to get Paul’s (guest star Will Forte, Saturday Night Live) attention.
Person of Interest: 9pm ET/PT, 8pm CT, 10pm MT
***Encore Presentation***
Reese (Jim Caviezel) works the computer while Finch (Michael Emerson) does the legwork with their latest target, a building superintendant who keeps too close an eye on his tenants.
Scandal(s/ABC): 10pm ET/PT, 8pm MT, 9pm CT
“Hell Hath No Fury”
The team reluctantly decides to help a millionaire’s son accused of rape, but regardless of the facts, public perception is a hard thing to change. Olivia (Kerry Washington) still insists on taking Amanda Tanner (guest star Liza Weil, Gilmore Girls) as a client, but is unable to put her own past with the president (guest star Tony Goldwyn, The Last Samurai) behind her when Amanda's first request is a meeting with him.
Friday, April 20:
Parks and Recreation:8pm ET/PT, 7pm CT, 9pm MT
***Special Day and Time***
“Live Ammo”
When Leslie (Amy Poehler) finds out that the Parks Department budget is about to be cut, she convinces Councilman Pillner (guest star Bradley Whitford, The West Wing) to make the cuts elsewhere, which causes unexpected problems for her campaign. Guest star Kathryn Hahn (Wanderlust) returns as Jennifer Barkley.
Rules of Engagement: 8:30pm ET/PT, 7:30pm CT, 9:30pm MT
“Dirty Talk”
Russell (David Spade) wants out of his marriage with Liz (Wendi McLendon-Covey); and Jeff (Patrick Warburton) tries to get Audrey (Megyn Price) to talk dirty.
Fringe(s/FOX): 9pm ET/PT, 8pm CT, 10pm MT
“Letters of Transit”
The story jumps ahead to 2036, when the Observers and the Fringe team engage in a game-changing battle.

Mantracker: 10pm ET/PT, 9pm CT, 8pm MT (Calgary Only)
“Simone & Mike”
Simone and Mike attempt to escape Mantracker Terry Grant in the rugged terrain of northern British Columbia.
Oil Change: 8pm MT (Edmonton Only)
Follow the Edmonton Oilers closely on the ice, at practice and during the heat of games, in the dressing room, training rooms and coaches’ offices. Be there before and after games, away from the rink at home, out in the local community, as well as on the road.
Saturday, April 21:
Glenn Martin DDS:7pm ET
“Band of Old”
Jackie (Catherine O'Hara) gets an opportunity to join her favourite 1980s band as she faces a midlife crisis. Elsewhere, Conor (Peter Oldring) doesn't measure up when he takes on Wendy (Judy Greer) in some physical challenges.

What’s Cooking
:7pm PT/CT/MT
“Delicious Comfort Foods”
Jack and Warren concoct three comforting and heart-warming recipes to help fend off the winter blues. Canadian R&B singer Danny Fernandes drops by to help out.
Out There with Melissa DiMarco: 7:30pm ET/PT/CT/MT
“Girls Gone Wilder”
When a case of mistaken identity causes her to miss an Adam Sandler (Just Go With It) interview, the network wants Melissa to change her name. Struggling with the decision, she consults stars including Russell Peters (Breakaway) and Sir Michael Caine (Inception). Also featuring special guest star, Ewan McGregor (Beginners).
Murdoch Mysteries: 8pm ET/PT/ CT/ MT
“Elementary, My Dear Murdoch”
Arthur Conan Doyle (guest star Geraint Wyn Davies, ReGenesis) joins forces with Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) to solve the murder of a skeptical member of a paranormal watchdog group.
Canada’s Got Talent: 9pm ET/PT/CT/MT
***Encore Presentation***Citytv Original Presentation***
“Semifinal Week Three – Performance Show”
In the third week of semifinals, seven acts take the stage in hopes of securing enough votes to propel them into the final round. This week’s performers include: singer Caitlin Bell; bikers Craz ECrew Stunt Team; opera singer Emilio Fina; contortionist Nathan Knowles; singing group OneBlood; dancer Shale Wagman; and dance group The Brat Pack.
Canada’s Got Talent: 10:10pm ET/PT/MT/CT
***Encore Presentation***Citytv Original Presentation***
 “Semifinal Week Three – Results Show”
In the weekly results show, host Dina Pugliese reveals which two acts are advancing to the final round.
Extraordinary Canadians: 10:40pm ET/PT/MT/CT
“Mark Kingwell on Glenn Gould”
Mark Kingwell shows how Glenn Gould, a rock star of classical music, was in fact a great philosopher and innovator. In this intimate portrait, Kingwell looks beyond Glen’s many eccentricities to the man behind the music.
Sunday, April 22:
America’s Funniest Home Videos (s/ABC): 7pm ET/PT, 6pm CT and 8pm MT on OMNI Alberta
***Encore Presentation***
This week's videos include a music montage filled with hilarious dogs, a man trying to capture a huge spider but failing miserably, a sleeping woman being pranked by a fake snake on her chest, and host Tom Bergeron playing “Kid, Cat or Canine?”
Two and a Half Men: 7pm MT
***Two Back-to-Back Encore Presentations***
“Golly Moses, She’s a Muffin”
Charlie (Charlie Sheen) discovers that Kandi (April Bowlby) has been living with Alan (Jon Cryer) and is not happy about it until she makes friends with Judith (Marin Hinkle).
“Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Burro”
Kandi (April Bowlby) leaves Alan (Jon Cryer) to live with Judith (Marin Hinkle), much to Alan's dismay. Charlie (Charlie Sheen) hooks up with Kandi's mother while Kandi sets Judith up with her father.
Murdoch Mysteries: 7pm CT, 9pm MT
“Victor, Victorian”
When a man is found murdered in the local Masonic Lodge, Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) discovers the man is leading a double life. In order to uncover the murderer’s identity, a trusted member of Murdoch’s team goes deep undercover.
Canada’s Got Talent: 8pm ET/PT/MT/CT ***LIVE***
***Citytv Original Presentation***
“Semifinal Week Four – Performance Show”
In the fourth week of semifinals, seven acts take the stage in hopes of securing enough votes to propel them into the final round. This week’s performers include: dance group Enigma DanceProductions; singer Ivan Daigle; folk trio Jack, Michel & Maria Forestier; hoop dancer Lisa Odjig; rapper Mathew Cathcart; andmagic act The Dance & Illusions of Oslen.
Great MovieBest in Show: 9pm ET/PT/CT, 10pm MT
This hilarious mocumentary from Emmy® Award-winning director Christopher Guest (This is Spinal Tap) takes an inside look at dog show participants, following five dog owners as their pooches vie for the top spot at the Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show. Cast includes: Canadian Eugene Levy (American Reunion), Jennifer Coolidge (2 Broke Girls) and Jane Lynch (Glee).
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