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OLN’s New Original Series The Project: Guatemala and Digital After Show The Project Live Premiere September 23

– The Project: Guatemala airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT on OLN and City –
– Viewers can watch the digital after show The Project Live, hosted by Rachel David (Rogers Your World This Week) and Adam Wylde (KISS 92.5), online at
following each episode

TORONTO (September 4, 2013) Nine privileged 20-somethings think they have signed up for an adventure in paradise… what they get is an unforgettable, eye-opening experience on the new OLN original series The Project: Guatemala, premiering Monday, Sept. 23 at 10 p.m. ET/ 7 p.m. PT (check local listings) on OLN and City. Hosted by ultramarathon runner and adventurer Ray Zahab (Running the Sahara), the six, one-hour episodes follow a group of spoiled, young adults as they go from their cushy lives in Canada to the depths of rural Guatemala. Here they learn their trip has little to do with sand and surf as they undertake an ambitious construction project to build a community centre with Canadian run charity The Project Somos Children’s Village for orphaned and abandoned children.

And for viewers who can’t get enough of The Project: Guatemala, every week OLN presents The Project Live, a half-hour digital after show following each episode of The Project: Guatemala. Live from Toronto at 11 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT and hosted by Rachel David and Adam Wylde, The Project Live gives fans the opportunity to interact with the hosts and cast about what happened on the series that week. During the show, viewers at home will also have the opportunity to make a difference by donating directly to The Project Somos Children’s Village.
The premiere episode of The Project: Guatemala entitled “The Reveal” follows the cast as they depart for ruralGuatemala. After a quick meeting with host Zahab, the participants party through the night and a love connection is made. The next morning, Zahab reveals what their six-week adventure really is, and gives everyone a chance decide on whether or not they want to stay. Later, the group attends a Mayan ceremony and set up their “cozy” living accommodations. Soon, fights start to break out amongst the group and the real work begins when they meet the local Guatemalan crew who will help them complete the build.  Please see below for full cast biographies.
The Project: Guatemala Host
Ray Zahab – Host
Winner of some of the world's most difficult and challenging ultra-distance foot races, Ray Zahab is motivated by challenge, distance, and discovery. A former pack-a-day smoker, Zahab decided to change his life in 2006 and set out on an epic adventure with two friends to cross the Sahara Desert by foot. He ran 7,500 km in 111 days, averaging 70 km a day, without rest. The documentary Running the Sahara – produced by Matt Damon and directed by Academy Award® winner James Moll – chronicled the journey in an effort to raise awareness for the drinking water crisis in Northern Africa. National Geographic also tracked the epic expedition online. Since then, Zahab has run the Atacama Desert in Chile, multiple coastal trails in Canada, and trekked to the South Pole.
The Project: Guatemala Cast
Bethany King
Age: 22
Occupation: Model/Student
Hometown: Brampton, ON
Special Skill: Black belt in karate
Long Term Goal: To make a lot of money

Half Jamaican, half Irish, Bethany brings her teacup Chihuahua everywhere, even on first dates. She is a black belt in karate and an active soccer player. An extremely jealous person who always speaks her mind, Bethany’s three must-have travel items are: her weave, eyelashes, and lipstick.
Blair Yachetti
Age: 25
Occupation: Club promoter/Student
Hometown: Oakville, ON
Long Term Goal: Coaching or teaching kids

With the mantra “gotta look good”, Blair is admittedly vain. Spontaneous and impulsive in every aspect of his life, Blair nearly played in the CFL until an injury put him on the sidelines, kick-starting his promotion business and partying lifestyle.
Dallas Peplow
Age: 23
Occupation: Unemployed
Hometown: Kitchener, ON
Long Term Goal: Actor

Dallas grew up in Florida and has had short-lived jobs in labour-intense roles like bricklaying and construction. Dallas is full of energy and always speaks his mind. He is charismatic but also has a temper, and once smashed a bottle so hard that it accidentally cut off his pinky finger (it was later reattached). Dallas’s favourite daily activities include hitting the gym and hanging out with his friends and girlfriend.
Drew Walker (aka Drew Carrymore)
Age: 22
Occupation: Aspiring rapper
Hometown: Burlington, ON
Special Skill: His swagger
Long Term Goal: To become a rapper/millionaire

Although Drew left home at 16 and lived on his own for a few years, he now lives with his mother and little brother in Burlington. He is popular with the ladies because of his “irresistible” swagger. Known for his crazy hair and positive attitude, Drew is an aspiring rapper who never holds back and always gives his opinion.
Kalin Szoke
Age: 25
Occupation: Snowboarder
Hometown: Hardisty, AB
Special Skill: Can tie a knot with a cherry stem using his tongue
Long Term Goal: None

Kalin grew up on a ranch in rural Alberta, working on a farm. He is a self-described nomadic adrenaline junkie with no real structure in his life and enjoys the freedom that his life provides. A neat freak who does not value material possessions, Kalin works odd jobs to live the freewheeling, snowboarding life that he loves.
Mia Claman
Age:  26
Occupation: Co-owner of a clothing store
Hometown: West Vancouver
Long Term Goal: Professional success, a few marriages, and children

Mia is the life of the party. She has a big personality and her friends describe her as loud, loyal, witty, outgoing, and bossy. She comes from a privileged background and spends her evenings with other rich kids frequenting the city’s best venues, clubs, and restaurants. She loves to party and has been known to dance on tables until the sun comes up. Mia has travelled extensively but has only experienced other parts of the world in luxurious ways.
Nikki Rampage
Age:  21
Occupation: Exotic dancer
Hometown: Scarborough, ON
Long Term Goal: Lives for today, doesn’t think about the future

Nikki’s lifestyle is defined by her stage name “Nikki Rampage.” Her friends
– who are mostly male– call her reckless, foolish, daring, and ridiculous (in a good way). Nikki is never afraid to try something new and has had some of her favourite celebrities – Steve O and Charlie Sheen – sign parts of her body and then had those signatures tattooed permanently.
Nina Vigile
Age: 20
Occupation: Unemployed
Hometown: Ottawa
Special Skill: Can cry on demand
Long Term Goal: To be famous by 30

Nina is a self-proclaimed daddy’s girl who still lives at home. Part of a close-knit Italian family and often goes clubbing with her mother, Nina’s family has dubbed her the “Princess.” Although she is boy crazy, her main priority is to hit the gym five days a week and train for Muay Thai fighting. With a short temper that often clashes with both family and friends, Nina is such a drama queen that her friends convinced her to go to acting school.
Tianna Nori
Age: 26
Occupation: Bartender
Hometown: Toronto
Special Skill: Manipulation
Long Term Goal: None

Tianna has always gotten her own way and  as a bartender  she listens to her customers and masterfully manages them in order to serve her own purposes. With lots of time for personal pursuits, she loves her job and has no aspirations for a different level of success.
The Project: Guatemala production team includes Creator/Supervising Producer Jim Kiriakakis (Keys to the VIP) of Buck Productions, Executive Producer Sean Buckley (Saw Dogs), Showrunner Thomas Chenoweth (Million Dollar Neighbourhood), and Simon Gebski (Deals from the Dark Side, Rich Bride Poor Bride). From Rogers Media, Claire Freeland is director of original programming, Hayden Mindell is the director of programming, and Scott Moore is the president of broadcast.  

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